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When it comes to church loans, there’s no greater church financing expert than Ausburn Advisors. We believe in assisting people of faith to the best of our ability, and we fully intend to deliver for all of our qualified customers. Our lender network goal this year is to close $50,000,000 in loans for churches. We cover everything from church mortgage loans to church construction loans, and we invite you to contact us to start the process of securing your congregation’s church loan. With low interest rates and the ability to amortize for as long as 30 years, there is no better time than now to take action in finding the funding to bring the vision for your church into reality.

Church Purchase

Ready to purchase a New Church Home?  Let us help!  Contact Us today and get a free mortgage estimate for your purchase.  We have experienced church mortgage professionals ready to help your Congregation purchase a New Church Home!

Refinance Loans

Refinancing a Church Mortgage can be a big decision for many congregations. Your situation and needs change over time so why shouldn’t the mortgage? Now might be the right time for you to refinance into a lower rate mortgage. 

Expansion & Debt Consolidation

Church Overwhelmed by need to expand and/or consolidate debt?  We have many options to help you update facilities, acquire additional real estate or consolidate existing debt to better manage church finances. 

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