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About Us

We are part of one of the leading providers of church loan services in the nation. Each year, our network of lending professionals and consultants analyze thousands of transactions contributing to the $100,000,000/year average of closed loans. These loans, ranging from small renovations, to full-on expansions, have helped our church clients pursue a variety of organizational goals.

Our network was recently featured in Inc. Magazine as the 49th fastest growing financial services network in the country. More so, our company provides loan support in multiple languages (English / Korean / Spanish / Vietnamese) - making us an ideal choice for a variety of clients.

A building or expansion project is an exciting time for your church. It’s important to involve a lender/advocate with expertise in church financing early in the process. As your partner and advocate, Ausburn Advisors will take the time to understand your unique church lending situation and develop a financing solution that meets your needs and fits your financial scope.

With a sharp eye on details, our team will be in close contact with the builder or architect to ensure the process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Knowing the customer is of utmost importance to us. This relationship-driven approach enhances our ability to understand needs and provide responsive service for churches.

Nearly Thirty-Five (35) years of family ownership has provided Ausburn Advisors with a consistent direction and long-term relationships with our customers and Team.

Being a national lender and lender conduit gives us flexibility that national banking chains simply don’t have due to their size and bureaucratic structure. We enjoy creating solutions that do not fit a “cookie cutter” approach.

Every church is unique and sometimes that means thinking about financing a little differently. With partners like U.S. Treasury, your goals are still within reach, and can even mean increased involvement by your congregation.

It’s About Stewardship.
It’s a great feeling when you work with someone who “gets it” — your mission, your organization, and most importantly, your values. We’ll dedicate a lending professional to serve as your partner and advocate in securing refinancing and/or financing solutions that best fit your needs, saving you time so you can focus on what matters most. It’s a unique approach, and that’s what you can expect from an organization committed to stewardship. PROVIDING THE RIGHT FINANCING SOLUTIONS.

How Can We Help?
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